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Pools are popular in the Estero area and can increase the overall value and aesthetic appeal of your property. Hiring a local pool cage contractor to make a beautiful and eye-catching pool enclosure will close a future outlook deal.

Improve your home’s aesthetic appeal without worrying about pests, insects and falling debris with Aluminum Master’s pool screen enclosure. Contact us at (239) 449-9934 for a free estimate today!

Pool Enclosure Construction Benefits

  • Aesthetics to your outdoor space
  • Creates a safe and secured pool area
  • Gets rid of leaf and other airborne debris
  • Increase home’s value
  • Keeps the pool clean and more sanitized
  • Lessens water evaporation and reduces UV exposure
  • Provides additional protection from creepy creatures
  • Provides privacy
  • Savings on maintenance expenses
  • Use your pool all year round

What to Consider When Planning for a Pool Cage Design and Construction?

When planning for a pool cage design and construction, there are a few things to consider:


Installing a new pool cage is a game-changer to your property and your lifestyle. Make a list of all the features you want in your pool cage and decide what is practical and feasible. If it means saving a budget first, then do it and stick to the plan.

Type of Pool Cage Design

Not all pool cages are designed alike. There are different kinds of pool cage designs, types, and styles for every budget, personal taste, and preference. You also need to consider the design and size of your pool that fits within your budget.

Local Service Provider

Installing a new pool cage is a game-changer to your property and your lifestyle. Make a list of all the features you want in your pool cage and decide what is practical and feasible. If it means saving a budget first, then do it and stick to the plan.

Purpose of Pool Cage

Make a list of those reasons and include the family member’s reasons in the process by considering each person’s desires and suggestions. Possibly, the reasons could be one or more of the following:

  • Recreation
  • Relaxation
  • Entertaining
  • Exercise
  • Therapy

Insurance and Permits

After laying down your plans, inform your insurance company about your pool cage design decision.

Additionally, never bypass safety standard features and building permits in your locality. Remember this is your investment and your protection, it is a BIG no-no to miss this consideration.

Contact Estero, FL's Most Trusted Pool Cage Contractor

Aluminum Master LLC uniquely understands our client’s needs, that we can develop a customized plan for your pool design needs which includes specific budget, environmental/geographical conditions, materials, and local ordinances.

Talk and sit together with our pool cage technicians on how we can make your future pool enclosure vision come into a reality.

You can contact us at (239) 449-9934or if you want FREE pricing by our screen specialists you can connect with us online today!

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