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Swimming pool designs come in different styles and designs, similarly does pool cage designs and construction. Pool cages provide tons of benefits, from saving you money on pool maintenance costs to having an additional outdoor space for gathering and entertaining.

Here we share some of the most common pool cage designs and constructions. Aluminum Master LLC offers several pool cage design solutions for your pool investment in Marco Island, Florida. To learn more about our pool cage designs and construction, contact us at (239)449-9934 or connect with us online today!

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Types of Pool Cage Design and Construction


1. Mansard Design

Marco Island popular choice because of its unique cage design and flat surface with angled edges. Its open design creates more spacious impression as compared to other roof styles. However, its sliding downward section can be customized to take any geometrical shape- rectangular, square, or triangular.

Gables design

2. Gable Design

The gable design, or A-frame enclosure, consists of two sloping sides that create a triangle. Most Marco Island  homeowners benefit from its stand-alone feature and for properties wanting their swimming pools away from the house.  

hip design

3. Hip Design

Similarly, design like a mansard design but without a flat midsection. The hip design slopes up from all sides then meet at the top. Beneficially advantageous for wind resistance during storms and creates an illusion of being taller than a mansard type.

shed design

4. Shed Design

Besides being a budget-friendly roof, its design is like an extension of the main roof of a house. Most people benefit because it has soaring beams, a unique kind of construction, and adds up your property value investment for future sale.

dome design

5. Dome Design

The most common design in most homes in Marco Island, Florida. Its semicircular shape or dome structure gives a sense of open space. In addition to its curbside appeal beneficially effective against high winds and flying debris during stormy weathers throughout the years.

Benefits of Pool Cages

  • Ultraviolet Protection
  • Stops Airborne Debris
  • Extra Shade
  • More Privacy
  • Child Safety
  • Less Cleaning Time
  • Protection From Unwanted Insects
  • Save Money On Maintenance Costs
  • Additional Entertaining Area
  • All-Year-Round Swimming

Trusted Pool Cage Contractor Experts | Aluminum Master LLC

Aluminum Master LLC understands our client’s needs and provides a customized plan for specific pool design including a budget, environmental/geographical conditions, materials, and local ordinances.

Since 1991, we have been proving residents and businesses of Marco Island, Fl., top-end professional service with the highest standards for etiquette and work effort. We do it because your worth it.

Aluminum Master LLC Screen Enclosure Services

Learn how we can transform your swimming pool into a safe, secured, and beautifully looking pool with our pool cage designs for your home in Marco Island, Florida. Contact us at (239)449-9934 or connect with us at https://www.aluminummasterllc.com/contact-us/  today!

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