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Did Hurricane Ian Damage or Destroy Your Screen Enclosure?

Naples and Marco Island, FL suffered greatly from the high winds and flooding of Hurricane Ian and many of our clients and neighbors had their pool enclosures damaged or completely destroyed.

If your screen enclosure has suffered structural damage to beams or is completely destroyed:

Many times, replacing the entire structure is more efficient and cost-effective than trying to repair an older enclosure. Aluminum Master LLC can come out and assess your damage and provide you with a free estimate.

If your screen enclosure has minor damage to beams and screens:

If you have a screen enclosure built by Aluminum Master LLC we can come out and assess your damage and provide a free repair estimate. At this time, we are only offering repair services on a limited basis and when the damage affects the structural integrity of the enclosure.

Please call us at (239) 449-9934, or fill out the form on the contact page and we will contact you right away.


Types of Pool Cage and Screen Damages

Screen Enclosure damages happens to both pool cage and pool screen enclosure. Below are the different types of pool cage and screen damages:

  • Metal Screen Damages – Metal screens are prone to rusting, tearing, bending and denting.
  • Nylon screening – nylon screening is the most susceptible to tears and holes. Even little damage may make the screen worthless from preventing animals or pests from entering the pool and front entry area.
  • Wood Cage – this type of pool cage are prone to rot and mold, which may cause cracking and warping.
  • Aluminum Pool Cage – Aluminum pool cages are durable and corrosion-resistant, but not corrosion-proof. Aluminum is also prone to bending and deformation over time.

Common Causes of Screen Enclosure Damage

Pool screen enclosures are one of the most often damaged components of any pool enclosure. Even when utilizing the highest-quality fiberglass mesh screening, damage is unavoidable. Everyday environmental wear and tear may deteriorate even the most durable material.

The following are the most common causes of pool enclosure screen damage:

  • Old Pool Screen – old pool screen enclosure deteriorate, rust, or decay with time, particularly if they are not properly maintained.
  • Sun exposure or salt damage – dry rot from sun exposure or salt corrosion in coastal areas may also cause metal to deform, lose paint, and rust.
  • Animals– birds, in particular, can cause corrosion if they perch on the enclosure, due to the high acid content in their droppings. Other animals such as rodents, squirrels, and other vermin create holes on your screen enclosures.
  • Harsh weather such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, and hail – High winds can twist and break enclosures, while hail can dent screens and damage pool cages.
  • Molds on fittings and casings – failure to clean rust from metal, and lubricate hinges can all cause damage from rot, corrosion, or mold.

Types of Screens

At Aluminum Master LLC, we offer several types of screens for your screened entryway, screened pool, screened lanai and pool cage repair in Naples, FL:

  • Standard 18/14 mesh screen – This type of screen is ideal for Pool, Patio, and Porch Screen. It is more durable than normal window and door screen, making it perfect for big areas like screened lanai and pool enclosures. 18/14 mesh screen is designed for applications where increased durability is desired.
  • 20/20 mesh screen – This type of screen was also known as “No-See-Um Screen”. This type of screen is a finer mesh fiberglass which offers better protection from no-see-um, gnats, sand flies, and even the smaller Florida bug species which commonly seen in low marshy and coastal areas.
  • Super Screen – Known as the strongest rated grade screen available which carries a 10 year written manufacturer’s warranty; perfect from stray golf ball protection. Super Screen’s extrusion method provides protection against the sun’s UV radiation, allowing it to keep its color and “new screen appearance” for many years. Your Super Screen® PVC coating includes a biocide that is safe for you and your pets and prevents mold and mildew growth.
  • Florida Glass – Also known as Phifer Glass-Shield, is a 18×14 fiberglass mesh and a vinyl coated screen. This is usually used on the bottom of enclosures to keep water and dirt out, as well as create a sense of privacy.

Screen Repair Process

Step 1:

Aluminum Master ensures that your screen enclosures was checked thoroughly to find out the damaged screen and removed it by lifting the end of the spline that keeps the screening in place.

The spline was gently pulled out the groove entirely. Set it away and remove the screen from its frame.

Step 2:

The dimensions of the panels to be re-screened was determined. Cut comparable pieces of screen off the screen roll, allowing an additional inch for each measurement.

Step 3:

Cut a new piece of screen spline to the same length and width as the one that just removed. If the removed screen spline is not dried and broken, it can be reused.

Step 4:

Beginning in one corner, one end of the spine was pressed onto the screen and into the frame groove with the spline tool. We ensure that the screen is tight during installation to prevent creases and uneven installation.

Step 5:

Using box cutters, we trim any extra screen that extends over the spline groove and cut cautiously in an outward direction to prevent cutting the new screen by mistake.

Naples, FL Most Trusted Screen and Aluminum Fabricator Company

At Aluminum Master LLC, we use only top grade quality screens, giving you the assurance for the best and longest lasting finished product. You can expect for a timely and professional response so call us now to set up a free estimate or call (239) 449-9934.

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